War Thunder HACK Trainer

War Thunder HACK Trainer




Description War Thunder Hack :


Get War Thunder Hack now!

If you Download War Thunder Hack You Easy Unlock :

-Aim Shot 

-One Shot Kill (critical)

-Teh. Tree 


War Thunder Hack is 100% safe and you can Use Proxy !

War Thunder Hack waiting for you !


War Thunder is a war game set in World War II. The game offers you a variety of historical warplanes to choose from, each with their own strengths and combat ability. The game’s damage system is quite complex, wherein a simple machine gun can cause significant damage if targeting the right area of an opponent’s plane. The instant action feature of War Thunder will ensure you get a quick experience, without having to wait for other players to join your game or create their own.


 How to Use War Thunder Hack :

Pick Proxy

-Enter Login 

Enter the volues next to the cheats

-Start Hack

-Start GAME

-press F1, F2 or F3 on the GAME



How to Download War Thunder Hack :

We want our Hacks to stay safe from game creators therefore we can't upload our files to servers with no surveys or they would get patched instantly please fill out a small survey to download the file .

-Enter one of the Links below 

-Click Download buttom

-Choose one of the surveys 

-Complete the survey (instruction will quide you there)

-You download will start after your survey is complete.

download 1

download 2

LAST UPDATE: May 26, 2015


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